Fox Analyst Asks If San Bernardino Shooting Is “A Literal War On Christmas”

From the December 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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PETER JOHNSON JR.: The key here for Americans is truth, transparency, and speed. Because if this was a terror attack, or a terror-inspired attack, or an ISIS-inspired attack, Americans need to know. America's defenses, and police officers, and FBI, and all of these agencies need to understand that, politically, it's a firebomb for this White House to admit that there was a terror attack, or that there was a homegrown ISIS terrorist with another foreign national who committed this. The political implications are disturbing for this president.

STEVE DOOCY: Sure. Well I mean just look at the last 10 days. What have we heard about nonstop over the last week? Global warming, a lot about climate change, things like that. When everybody else was saying, you're in Paris, you should be talking about terror, and he [INAUDIBLE]

JOHNSON: I don't think there's any question that this should be called terror. What kind of terror it is, we need to find out. And I don't want to come to any hasty conclusions at this point. But, if you look at the dots, if you start to connect them in a way that's rational and reasonable, and not political, based on simple things we know about terrorism, simple things we know about criminal justice, then it leads ineluctably and inescapably to that one horrible conclusion, terror. Is it based on politics? Is it based on religion? Is it based on hate? Is it a literal war on Christmas?


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