Fox Aids Trump Push To Unskew Unfavorable Polls

Brian Kilmeade: “So Far Donald Trump Leads In Most Independent Polls”

From the June 27 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Bret, one thing. If we can put up that ABC/Washington Post poll once again, Donald Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton by 12. But what they don't tell you, and you have to go into the methodology of the poll, they actually talked to 12 percent more Democrats than Republicans. According to the Gallup poll, there are 3 percent more Democrats in the country than Republicans, so it looks like they've got a favorite in it. 

BRET BAIER: You know, polling is different in how you break it down. I mean, our Fox polls sometimes, it looks like self-identified there were more Democrats than Republicans. 

DOOCY: But 12 points?

BAIER: Right, no. And that's high.

DOOCY: That's big.

BAIER: And that is worth pointing out. He was leading in that poll, the last national poll. So the breakdown inside polls, that's important to point out.


AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Yeah, I mean, those numbers were pretty shocking to me because you think if you're going to poll someone, you know the Democrats are going to choose Hillary. You know the Republicans are going to choose Trump. So I want to know what the independents think. And if you look at the numbers, that one poll, 36 percent were Democrats. 24 percent were Republicans, and 33 were independents. The majority were Democrats. 

BRIAN KILIMEADE (CO-HOST): So far Donald Trump leads in most independent polls.

DOOCY: But according to Gallup, which just surveyed -- didn't ask who you're for, they just said are you a Democrat, Republican or independent, 30 percent said that they were actually Democrats. 27 percent Republicans, and 41 percent independents. So in other words, the ABC poll had way too many Democrats, and they had way too few independents. 

EARHARDT: Which is what Donald Trump is saying this morning.


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