Former Host Gretchen Carlson: “Pants Were Not Allowed On Fox & Friends”

From the September 19 edition of Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Guess who just walked in? If you're watching -- if you have the podcast. Gretchen Carlson's in, dressed casual, kind of. Very nice.

CARLSON: Wait a minute. Nobody's going to recognize me because not only am I dressed casually, I have on pants.

KILMEADE: Well, pants, what is --

CARLSON: Now, pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends, remember?

KILMEADE: Yeah, what happened with that?

CARLSON: So I have jeans on, Brian. Welcome -- welcome to the new Gretchen.

KILMEADE: Wow, look at that. Are you going to be jeans on your show when you start?

CARLSON: You just never know.

KILMEADE: You might be the jeans show.

CARLSON: It might --

KILMEADE: Might jeans be a requirement?

CARLSON: I know -- see this is something that you always said on Fox & Friends. You always liked to be shirtless.


CARLSON: Yeah. And sometimes you actually suggested that for me.


CARLSON: [laughter]

KILMEADE: Which is interesting. I don't -- they wouldn't carry that for the west coast, on the delay.

CARLSON: Yeah. Well, so you never know what I'm going to show up in. I'm busy putting it all together and so, you know, I might forget my clothes the first day. 


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