The Faulty Timeline Behind This Benghazi Hoaxster's Harassment Myth


A Republican activist, attorney, and key player in the Benghazi hoax accused a former congressional staffer of harassing Benghazi eyewitnesses during congressional testimonies before going to work for Hillary Clinton -- but the staffer in question actually left Congress months before the interviews of those eyewitnesses took place. The false claim is just the latest in a long line of fictions from the Benghazi hoaxster, who has been discredited by Republicans members of the House Intelligence Committee and Benghazi CIA contractors alike. 

Victoria Toensing appeared on the September 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends to aid the network in reviving the myth of a “stand down” order in Benghazi. Going even further, Toensing claimed that Michael Allen, former chief of staff for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, orchestrated the harassment of three CIA contractors giving their eyewitness testimony on the Benghazi attacks before Congress, even speculating that Allen purposefully prohibited the Committee from getting answers before leaving to join a “Hillary organization”:

STEVE DOOCY (co-host): When these three operators and the others came back and they testified behind closed doors to the House Intel Committee, I understand they were harassed by the House Intel Committee that we thought were trying to get all the answers. What was up with that?

TOENSING: Republicans. And they were told, they were accused that they were not telling the truth. They were threatened with “the committee is not going to pay your travel expenses,” which committees always do for witnesses who come in from out of town, “because you're writing a book and you're going to make money, and by the way, you shouldn't be writing a book.”

Now you say why would that happen with the Republican-dominated House Intelligence Committee? Well, that chief of staff, the head of that staff that harassed these three brave men, a few months later went to work for Beacon Global Strategies. That is a Hillary organization. 

Allen could not have “harassed” these Benghazi eyewitness -- he left his Committee position months before the Congressional interviews of the CIA contractors took place. Defense News reported in August 2013 that Allen had left Congress to partner with former Clinton aides and join Beacon Global Strategies.The request to interview the Benghazi eyewitnesses wasn't made until a month later, in September 2013 according to a House Intelligence Committee timeline, and the interviews were conducted in November and December:


Toensing is a key player in the Benghazi hoax, and has helped right-wing media push many discredited Benghazi myths. Her lack of credibility on Benghazi is so well-known that even Republican members of Congress and the CIA contractors who witnessed the Benghazi attacks have distanced themselves from her claims.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) appeared on Fox & Friends after Toensing, and in reference to her earlier claims, called out “lawyers who have a financial interest” in pushing Benghazi myths and  “certainly making allegations that are far from true.”

That same day, Kris Paronto, a CIA contractor and a co-author of a new book detailing his and othercontractors' experiences during the Benghazi attacks,  urged people not to listen to Toensing: