Even Fox News Admits The New Benghazi Lawsuit Against Clinton Is Intended “To Inflict As Much Political Damage” As Possible

Andrew Napolitano: “The Lawyer Here ... Larry Klayman Is A Real Gadfly Who Has Been Driving” Clinton “Crazy With Lawsuits For Years”

From the August 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): The parents of two Americans killed in Benghazi hitting Hillary Clinton with a wrongful death lawsuit claiming her use of a private server led terrorists to their sons among other things. So do they have a case and what does this mean for Hillary?


ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Quite frankly, I don't think either parts of this lawsuit are going to go -- they're certainly not going to go anywhere during the election campaign. 

DOOCY: Not before November.

NAPOLITANO: Judges will not rule on something like this during the campaign and they don't like to rule on cases like this at all because they view them as essentially political. If you don't like Hillary, go on television and tell everybody why you don't like her. Don't bother the judicial system. That would be the attitude of most federal judges. 

DOOCY: OK, so if a judge would not address this until after the election, this is obviously just to inflict as much political damage onto Hillary Clinton as they possibly could. 

NAPOLITANO: The lawyer here who a lot of us know Larry Klayman is a real gadfly who has been driving Hillary and folks who agree with her crazy with lawsuits for many years. And this is just another one of them. 


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