Doocy doesn't understand the concept of a “debate”

On this morning's Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy hosted three Republican attorneys general -- Mike Cox of Michigan, Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, and Bill McCollum of Florida -- who are all challenging the constitutionality of health care reform. Shockingly, all three supported one another and congratulated themselves on being such amazing advocates for their states. In reality, considering Doocy's softball questions, along with his steadfast determination not to bring up anything that could undermine his guests' arguments, it's easy to see this segment as four like-minded people joining together to bash President Obama and health care reform.

It's not unusual for Fox & Friends to offer softball treatment to those opposing the Obama administration -- get any Republican on Fox & Friends and you can be sure they'll be treated with the most delicate of kid gloves. What made the segment really unique in its brazenness was the way in which Doocy ended the segment. Doocy signed off by saying: “All right, guys, we'll have to end it right there. Great debate”:

“Great debate?” Anyone familiar with the word “debate” generally realizes that you need opposing viewpoints to have one. If I filled a room with people who only wanted to talk about how great I am, it would be absurd for me to call the resulting discussion a “debate,” and consider the issue of my greatness to be settled.

What is at issue here is more than just the choice of a single word. Fox's seemingly never-ending quest to make its “Fair and Balanced” slogan the opposite of how they actually report news was well encapsulated by this morning's segment, with the host simply there to make sure his three guests were provided enough fodder to attack the Obama administration and its policies.

In Fox's defense, at least someone in the studio was able to portray the segment honestly. Right before Doocy delivered his “great debate” line, the following on-screen graphic aired:

Fox News chyron: 3 Attorneys General Team Up Against Feds on Health Care & Immigration