Darrell Issa Voted To Keep His Tax Rate Down, Media Avoided The Subject

CNN, Issa

In several on-air interviews about the then-pending fiscal cliff legislation, journalists allowed Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) to attack the bill without noting Issa's personal financial stake in opposing the legislation and keeping his own taxes at a lower rate.

In appearances on Fox News' Fox & Friends (1/2), CNN's The Situation Room (1/1) and CNN Newsroom (12/31/12), the issue of Issa's wealth was not broached by the reporters and anchors who interviewed him.

As Politico reported, Issa's 2011 financial disclosure statement showed almost $15 million in earnings from investments. The vast majority of Issa's income comes from investments -- income that will be taxed at a higher rate under the legislation that just passed (capital gains taxes will be increased from 15 percent to 20 percent for families making over $450,000 a year.)

The Center for Responsive Politics estimates that Issa has a net worth between $195 million and $700 million. Roll Call ranked him as the second wealthiest member of the 112th Congress, based on the lowest and most charitable estimate of his wealth (members of Congress are only required to report ranges of their wealth, not exact numbers.)

In voting “No” on the bill, Issa voted in his own self-interest, a pertinent fact that Fox and CNN never bothered to tell their viewers.