The Daily Show Skewers Fox & Friends' Panel Of “Creeps” Debating Whether Women Should Wear Leggings

Kristen Schaal: Fox News “Men Just Don't Want Any Creeps Staring At Their Daughters The Way They're About To Creepily Stare At Someone Else's Daughters”

From the November 18 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

KRISTEN SCHAAL: Please, middle-age dads, tell us what we can wear to make you more comfortable.


STEVE DOOCY (Fox & Friends): Are you comfortable with the women in your life parading in public in leggings?

WILLIE ROBERTSON: My girls they wear the longer shirts to cover up the lady parts.

KEITH ABLOW: If it's not worn in the monastery, it's not worn out.


SCHAAL: See, these men just don't want any creeps staring at their daughters the way they're about to creepily stare at someone else's daughters. Hit it creeps!


TREVOR NOAH: Wow, okay that's a little shitty.

SCHAAL: Yeah. Trevor, when life gives you Lulu Lemons, you turn them into lulu lemonade. So I've designed some leggings guaranteed to protect men by killing their boners dead. Because ladies, if you have to wear leggings, do it responsibly. Come on out models!

NOAH: Kristen, you can't parade a bunch of women around after what we just watched. It's not right.

SCHAAL: Don't worry. No one's going to be whistling at these ladies.


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