Corey Lewandowski: Special counsel Robert Mueller's legal team includes “partisan hacks” who are “part of the deep state”

Lewandowski: “They have a different agenda, which is to destroy this president”

From the June 18 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Where are you on the best approach for this administration to take on this witch hunt that is trying to take down this president?

COREY LEWANDOWSKI: Well let me first say this. I think, if you look at what the president's been able to accomplish, in the first 10 percent of his administration, it has been unbelievably successful. His campaign had made a number of promises, and he's fulfilling those promises. But now you have to ask yourself, what is [Russia probe special counsel] Robert Mueller's job anymore? Because the public testimony that [former FBI Director] Jim Comey has given, Democrats have agreed to, is that there has been absolutely no collusion with the Russians in any way, shape, or form of this campaign and candidly of the election outcome, which means Donald Trump won fair and square. So what is Mueller supposed to be investigating? Everybody has now said there is no collusion, which is what he was designed to look at originally, so the question now becomes, “What is he doing anymore?” He's already moved on from the Russia investigation to something else, and what we've seen, unfortunately, is the individuals that he's bringing on board for this investigation are main contributors to Hillary Clinton's election campaign, they're partisan hacks, they're part of the deep state, and they have a different agenda, which is to destroy this president.


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