CNN's Stelter: Fox & Friends is “a daily infomercial for the Trump presidency”

Brian Stelter: Fox & Friends “is about showering Trump with positive attention and burying his enemies in negative attention"

From the June 25 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): What would a daily infomercial for the Trump presidency look like? Well, actually, we don’t have to wonder. We have the answer right in front of us. It’s called Fox & Friends.


President Trump watches all the morning shows. But judging by his tweets, as recently as this morning, Fox & Friends is his favorite. He gave two interviews to Fox & Friends this week. Those were the only interviews all month. So we here at Reliable Sources decided to watch an entire week's worth of the show. We wrote down every story, every guest, every banner. And what we found is Fox & Friends is really Trump's safe space. It looks like a newsy morning show. But Fox executives acknowledge it's not really a newscast, it's a conservative-themed talk show. The show is about showering Trump with positive attention and burying his enemies in negative attention. The show's hosts and regular guests claim that one of his main opponents, you can probably guess, it's the media. 


You might look at this and see propaganda from Fox. I prefer to think of it as an infomercial. Fox & Friends is selling a product, of course it's in the guise of a news talk show, just like something on QVC or HSN or all those channels. Now hey, it's a free country, but viewers should recognize what product Fox is selling. 


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