CNN's Don Lemon calls out Fox News for repeating migrant caravan lies Shep Smith debunked

From the October 22 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon:

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DON LEMON (HOST): Many are expected to seek asylum from the violence plaguing their native countries, but Trump's having none of it.

He's seizing on unsubstantiated, right-wing media reports that the caravan's been infiltrated by criminals and unknown Middle-Easterners, a claim he made again tonight without offering a shred of evidence.


So I said it when this all started, and I've been saying it, and I'll say it again -- it's a message that is tailor-made for his base, timed for maximum impact and amplified by Fox News.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, he's calling the migrant caravan a full-blown national security crisis.

And on Fox & Friends this morning, the show the president regularly watches, one host saying this.


But luckily, not everyone at Fox News is having it. Anchor Shep Smith getting back to the facts.


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