​Brian Kilmeade says “this is a flat-out invasion” as Fox & Friends discusses the fifth child to die after being taken into custody at the border

From the May 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:​

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BRIAN ​KILMEADE​ (CO-HOST)​: ​And also on the wall note, big story in ​D​rudge today​ --​ we​'​ve only built a mile and a half​.​


​​STEVE ​DOOCY​ (CO-HOST)​: Shocking.​

​KILMEADE: ​A mile and a half of wall but, yet, we​ ​even allocated to build at least 100 miles of wall. ​But for some reason they just can't seem to get it done. Unbelievable.

E​ARHARDT​: ​Well, a lot of conservatives say ​that ​it needs to be done. If you look at what​'​s happen​​ing​​ down there,​ they ​have ​had to stop taking in migrants​, stop processing them​ in the Rio ​G​rande ​V​alley​ where we've all been in​ McAllen​,​ Texas,​ because of​ all the illnesses. Especially the flu.

​DOOCY: ​That's right. ​On Monday​,​ a 16-year-old unaccompanied migrant who had crossed into the United States ​at Hidalgo, ​Texas​,​ with 70 other people. The 16-year-old, when he was being ​processed, they realized​ that​ the guy​'​s​ got​ a fever​,​ ​it's l​ike flu​-​like symptoms. ​So ​he went to a nurse practitioner​,​ she diagnosed him with the flu​,​ ​p​rescribed him Tamiflu. The next day he died. And so what they​'​ve done is because they are seeing so many flu-like systems, high fevers​,​ ​t​hey'​re treating them​,​ ​t​hey​'​re shutting down that particular facility to new detainees.

KILMEADE: ​And ​by the way, that means, let me see​,​ 2​,​300 a day have nowhere to go. Where are they going to end up? ​Well they're ​just streaming across. This is a flat​-​out invasion.


EARHARDT: It's so sad when you see all these individuals die, especially the​ little​ children. This 16-year-old was unaccompanied. And Kevin ​M​c​A​leenan who is the acting ​H​omeland ​S​ecurity secretary​ that​ Brian was​ down there​ on the border with -- he said ​in March, he said ​even in March we were seeing seriously ill migrants. Chicken pox, flu​,​ and ​infants with fevers as high as 105.

KILMEADE: ​Well think about this Ainsley, ​don't they tell you i​n your​ school if your ​daughter has -- is sick​, has a fever --

​EARHARDT: You have to leave them home for 24 hours.​

DOOCY: Don't leave the country.

​KILMEADE: ​Leave them ​home. Now ​can you imagine 8,300 people​, we have​ no idea who​'​s vaccinated​ and who's​ not​,​ ​s​itting in the same area ​in ​situations ​that are ​makeshift at best. How can they not have some situation​ that​ is dire and contagious​?​

DOOCY: Five ​migrant children ​have died​ since December.​ ​A​ll five ​were ​from ​the country of ​Guatemala. That​ i​s why ​C​ongress needs to change the ​rules, so that we can process this.

​KILMEADE: Not hard.


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