Brian Kilmeade mocks Dick Morris for constantly plugging his website, books

On his July 8 radio program, Brian Kilmeade mocked fellow Fox Newser Dick Morris for plugging his website and books ad nauseam on Fox News:

GRETCHEN CARLSON: But it's not as important as the independent vote, which was the second part of Dick Morris' analysis. Which was that even if you go after the Latino vote, it doesn't really matter that much, at least in 2010, because the independent vote still decides the election.

KILMEADE: And the third part of Dick Morris' analysis was buy my book, go to my website. And that is what is not brought up enough.

As Media Matters has documented, Morris uses his website as a clearinghouse for GOP activism: candidate and conservative organization fundraising solicitations; call congress phone banking; and anti-Democratic ad fundraising.

His joke aside, Kilmeade and Fox & Friends frequently host Morris as a purportedly reputable “political analyst” -- evidence to the contrary. The same apparently can't be said for Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. In May, Wallace appeared to suggest that he's not a “fan” of Morris, saying, “Oh, Jesus” when Morris' name was mentioned. According to a search of the Nexis database, Morris has not appeared on Fox News Sunday since Wallace took over the show in 2003.