Breitbart News: Actress Emily Blunt “Should Deport Herself”

Brietbart News called on British-American actress Emily Blunt to “deport herself” from the United States.

Breitbart's attack on Blunt echoes Fox News' Fox & Friends, whose hosts told the actress to “leave Hollywood” September 15 in response to her joke: “I became an American citizen recently, and that night, we watched the Republican debate and I thought, 'This was a terrible mistake. What have I done?'” British-born Blunt became a dual citizen last month.

Brietbart News' Kipp Jones wrote September 15 “Naturalized citizen Emily Blunt should deport herself” :

While filming a segment with other stars for The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend, British-born actress Emily Blunt said she regretted becoming a U.S. citizen after watching the Aug. 6 Fox News Republican debate.

While the actress did not expound on her anti-GOP comment, a number of statements made by her since she gained citizenship, along with her admiration for President Obama, tells us that in just six weeks, Blunt has already accepted in her own mind what most on the Left have been advocating for years: America is not an exceptional country, and the Republican Party is to blame for everything.


Blunt should have just said it bluntly: Americans are stupid, the idea of American exceptionalism is ignorant, and challenging the platform of the Democratic Party is racist.

While most naturalized citizens would describe the feeling of coming in through the front door as one of the greatest in their lives, Emily Blunt couldn't wait to use her fame to rip half the country.

With a total of 11 Republican presidential debates on the schedule for 2016, the next of which will air this Wednesday on CNN in two rounds, starting at 6pm ET, Mrs. Blunt might feel compelled to head back to where she came from before March 10, and she absolutely should.