Ben Carson Praises Fox & Friends: “You're Some Of The Good Media”

Fox & Friends Has Repeatedly Defended Carson's Controversial Comments

From the October 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Saturday:

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CLAYTON MORRIS (CO-HOST): You brought up the state of the media. I think it's an interesting discussion to get into right now. Because, do you think that the media is a reflection of the American public, or are we just being spoon fed this new way of reading the news, that is, 500-word articles with gotcha headlines, all in an effort to get clicks on the web, instead of thoughtful, long journalism, sitting down with candidates to really go over the issues?

BEN CARSON: I think the media has for a while been a reflection of the nonchalance of the general public. However, I believe that there is a phenomenon occurring where the people are starting to see through this, and they're starting to recognize that most of the media is on another planet. They have a different agenda. They're not interested in uplifting our society, and the reason that they were given protection under our Constitution as the only business in that category is because they were supposed to be honest, and they were supposed to be on the side of the people. And it's a great distortion what they're doing, and I think it has a lot to do with the direction that our society is going in.

PETER JOHNSON, JR. (CO-HOST): Doctor, you also said that the press should be the ally of the people. Based upon what you see as hatred and intolerance, are they now becom[ing] the enemy of the people?

CARSON: I think they really have become the enemy of the people to a large extent, but I haven't given up on them. And that's why I'm bringing this up, because there may be some of them who are still reachable, who still have a conscience, who still love America and their fellow Americans. It is possible.

MORRIS: What does this say about the state of the media when obviously you're going up in the polls, you're going out to rallies and obviously you're able to raise a lot of money, you're able to connect with voters. Are you talking -- when you talk to your potential voters, are they even reading this stuff, even reading this garbage anyway?

CARSON: I think some of them do, and what they say to me every place I go when I'm in public, when I'm in an event, please don't let them get to you. Please don't give up. Please stay strong. We need you. That's what I hear everywhere. So, I know they probably see the stuff. But obviously it's pushing them in just the opposite direction.

MORRIS: Fascinating.

JOHNSON: Well, I say the same thing to you. Stay strong. We need all the voices we can in America, Dr. Carson. And we're so delighted that you've been here with us this morning. Thanks for coming on Fox & Friends.

CARSON: I appreciate it. You're some of the good media, thanks.

JOHNSON: Thank you. We appreciate that.

MORRIS: Thank you, doctor. We appreciate it.


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