Baltimore Sun TV Writer On Fox's Anti-Obama Ad: “Any News Organization That Puts Up This Kind Of Video Is Rotten To The Core”

Baltimore Sun television writer David Zurawik responded to Fox & Friends' 4-minute anti-Obama attack ad today by stating, “Any news organization that puts up this kind of video is rotten to the core.” From Zurawik's post:

Today's version of the morning show featured an anti-Obama video that resembled propaganda films from 1930's Europe more than it did responsible TV politics of today.

And the remarkable thing was the the witless crew on the couch that serves as hosts for this show had the audacity to present it as journalism and congratulate the producer who put it together.


But as the guy who challenged the Obama administration two years when it tried to deny Fox News access to interviews and other opportunities offered to the media on the grounds that Fox was not a legitimate news operation, I have to tell you even I am shocked by how blatantly Fox is throwing off any pretense of being a journalistic entity with videos like this. Don't be fooled by Bret Baier's Boy Scout smile or all the talk about how some shows are news and some are opinion on the channel. Any news organization that puts up this kind of video is rotten to the core.


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