AP: Fox Anti-Obama Video “Looked Similar To A Campaign Advertisement”

The Associated Press reported on Fox News' 4-minute anti-Obama attack ad, describing it as “a format that looked similar to a campaign advertisement.” From the AP:

Fox News Channel's morning show on Wednesday twice aired a nearly four-minute video that contrasted President Barack Obama's words with negative statistics about his administration in a format that looked similar to a campaign advertisement.

The liberal media watchdog Media Matters for America called the video “essentially a four-minute anti-Obama attack ad.” The segment also received criticism from a conservative blogger.

It was shown on “Fox & Friends” and credited to a Fox producer. The segment contains ominous music and some grainy footage of the president, along with some stock images from campaign ads: an American flag fluttering in the breeze, a child running in a baseball game, a bald eagle.


A Fox News spokeswoman did not immediately return calls for comment.

The video was posted on the “Fox & Friends” website Wednesday with the headline “Four years of hope and change.”


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