Is anything too far in Fox's relentless crusade against Islam?

On today's edition of Fox & Friends, evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Rev. Billy Graham, appeared on the show to discuss reports that the Army is considering rescinding its invitation for Graham to appear at the Pentagon on the National Day of Prayer, due to objections over Graham's past controversial comments about Islam. During his Fox & Friends appearance, Franklin certainly proved those who objected to his invitation's point. He claimed that he “loves the Muslim people” and just wanted them to “know what I know.” What he knows, apparently is that “Christ can come into their heart and change them, and they can have the hope of eternal life, salvation. I want them to know that they don't have to die in a car bomb, they don't have to die in some holy war to be accepted by God, but it's through faith in Jesus Christ and Christ alone.”

And, he was just getting started. Graham also said he just wanted people who were “enslaved by Islam” to know that they could be “free through faith in Jesus Christ and Christ alone.” Graham preached all of this on a news network (sort of), so, as you can imagine, the “Fair and Balanced” host of this show was outraged that someone would think they could appear on the show, proselytize, and attack Islam and Muslims.

Nope! Instead, host Gretchen Carlson wondered if reports that the Army is reconsidering its invitation, coupled with a judge's ruling that the National Prayer Day was unconstitutional was evidence of an “assault against Christianity, against prayer.” Any regular viewer of Fox & Friends knows that a religion is often under assault at Fox, and it certainly is not Christianity. Carlson's actions would be bad enough if she had merely allowed Graham to spew his bigoted opinions on a major world religion, but in fact, she was an active participant, framing the debate as a “scuttle” between Graham and a “watchdog group,” and wondering if this had anything to do with previous “assault[s] on Christianity.”

Fox News' promotion of all things Christian, and outrage over perceived attacks on Christianity, no matter how imagined they are, has been well-documented. It would be a rare Fox News December that isn't littered with “War on Christmas” segments. But Gretchen Carlson today showed that no guest or story can go too far with their offensive statements on Fox, as long as they are Christian, and attacking Islam.