Another case of the blind (Jim Hoft) leading the blind (Fox & Friends)

Maybe if staffers at Fox & Friends read County Fair they could have saved themselves the embarrassment of pushing already-debunked nonsense peddled by outlier RW blogger, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

Alas, it's not to be. (Hey Fox News, we're just trying to help. Honest.) Instead, this morning, Fox & Friends hyped Hoft's idiotic claim from yesterday that NAACP president Ben Jealous had actually been sitting in the Georgia audience last March when Shirley Sherrod made her comments that were used by Andrew Breitbart to smear her as a racist.

Hoft posted the fairytale item based on the non-existent evidence that Sherrod had acknowledged a “president” during his address, and that must have meant that national NAACP president Jeaous was in the crowd, right?


What a colossal dope. But now he's got company -- Fox & Friends looks foolish, too.