Video: Fox News figures claim the government shutdown is no big deal. It actually hurts millions of people.

As the government shutdown over President Donald Trump’s border wall funding continues in its third week, around 800,000 federal workers are furloughed or working without pay. National parks are largely unsupervised, creating safety concerns and sanitary problems for visitors. Many Native American tribes have been affected as they rely heavily on federal funds to operate, and “a shutdown can cripple their most basic functions.” The shutdown has also impacted the international community.

But Fox News figures have repeatedly downplayed the impacts of the government shutdown, insisting few people are really being affected. Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy said, “A lot of people across the country don’t even notice that part of the federal government is shut down.” Fox contributor Charlie Hurt argued, “You could shut down half of the government agencies and literally it would be years” before "the normal average working American would even know.” Fox host Greg Gutfeld claimed that “it’s not a shutdown” unless “we actually start feeling it,” suggesting that people weren’t being affected. Sean Hannity took multiple opportunities to characterize the “so-called big government shutdown” as “not really a shutdown.”

Here are several instances where good reporting proved that Fox News is lying about what the government shutdown actually means: