Lou Dobbs praises Republicans for storming closed door impeachment hearing: “I’m so impressed”

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Citation From the October 23 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Today GOPers actually pulled off a political stunt. A stunt. I mean, they are not writing strong letters, they're not just yelling or talking, it was an honest to goodness stunt. You see them entering, well some would say “storming." By Republican standard the illegal efforts of the radical Dems who are holding secret hearings in their attempts to unseat the president. The action of these Republicans leading Adam Schiff to suspend today's hearing. 

You know, the Republicans, God bless them for actually doing something. I am so impressed. Schiff left the hearing with witness Laura Cooper, the deputy assistant Secretary of Defense. After entering that room the Republicans ordered pizzas, Congressman Doug Lamborn brought in bags much Chick-fil-A. House Oversight Committee ranking member Jim Jordan slammed Schiff for his secrecy and said the American people deserve to know who the so-called whistleblower is.