Lou Dobbs claims there is “absolutely no historic precedent” for delaying Supreme Court nomination in an election year

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Citation From the September 21, 2020, edition of Fox Business's Lou Dobbs Tonight 

LOU DOBBS (HOST): President Trump is in a key battleground state of Ohio today where he will hold a rally later this evening, where it is almost certain he will bring up the issue of the next Supreme Court justice. But as he considers his decision, RINOs, radical Dems and the left-wing national media are doing everything they can, it appears, to conjure up some way to stop him. So far to no avail. RINO Senator Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski say the next nominee should only be named by the winner of the November presidential election. There is no, absolutely no historic precedent for the senators' position on that. And senators Mitt Romney, Cory Gardner, and Chuck Grassley say they remain undecided.