Lou Dobbs claims mail-in voting is a plot by the postal workers union to steal the election

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Citation From the September 8, 2020, edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight 

LOU DOBBS (HOST) Well, who decided, just who decided that these ballots would be in the mail to whomever without any control and at the complete, complete control of the postal union workers who support left-wing radical Dem candidates? I mean, how could this happen? 

TOM FITTON (JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT): The postal office on a good day can't get the mail to where it's supposed to be. There's at least an 8-10% failure rate in terms of getting first-class mail there on time. So what's going to happen is the ballots will get there late. No one will know when they will be mailed. They could be mailed after the deadline, which is an illegal way to undo the election, and you can bet there will be leftist judges waiting to force officials to overrule Republicans who object to changing the rules after the fact. It's going to be like Florida in 2000, Lou. Remember the first count had Bush winning, so the Democrats wanted a second count, and Bush was winning, and they kept on wanting to recount until they got to victory.

DOBBS: Well, it sounds like this is going to be up to the postal service's management of their unions to decide the -- I mean, we'll turn over to the AFL-CIO to get their judgment on who won.