Fox's Stuart Varney says Amazon Prime Day worker strikes are “outrageous” and “a rotten thing to do”

From the July 9 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Amazon workers plan a -- oh, this is outrageous. Some Amazon workers plan a Prime Day strike. This is at a warehouse in Minnesota, Prime Day starts Monday. It's a two-day event. I don't think the strike is going to effect -- but oh, what a rotten thing to do. 

KRISTINA PARTSINEVLOS (FOX BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT): It's a six hour strike. They're striking for six hours.

VARNEY: Yeah, right in the middle of Prime Day.

PARTSINEVLOS: Yes, 15th and 16th of July for the viewers that are watching and want to know when they can get discounts.

VARNEY: Now we used to call that being bloody-minded, do you understand that? Bloody-minded -- you're doing maximum amount of damage, disrupting the maximum number of people by one small job action, at the maximum point of contact. 

MICHAEL MURPHY (ROSECLIFF CAPITAL): In the world we live in today, Stuart, you can boycott anything and you're going to get a lot of press around it. And if I don't like something you do I'm going to boycott you or tell other people to boycott you. You almost have to look past it, I think, because if you're successful in any way -- like in Amazon -- you're going to offend someone along the way and they're going to boycott you.

VARNEY: That's true. 

D.R. BARTON (MONEY MAP PRESS): If we look at the math it's not going to make a difference. There will be very few deliveries missed. This is one of more than 1,000 warehouses that's going to be out for six hours. They are already preparing for this. It's just a high profile way for these workers to get their voice heard. And I'm with you, Stuart. I don't like that way to do negotiations.

VARNEY: There's something about Minnesota. I don't know what it is, there's something about it. Well, we've got lots of viewers there, and we love them.

SUSAN LI (FOX BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT): What are they protesting, anyways? Amazon's going to $15 an hour anyways.


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