Fox's Maria Bartiromo complains that “the focus is on Alex Acosta ... and not on Jeffrey Epstein”

Bartiromo:  “I haven't heard a word about Jeffrey Epstein”

From the July 10 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo

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MARIA BARTIROMO (ANCHOR): You know, it's interesting to me that the focus is on [Secretary of Labor] Alex Acosta, Antjuan, and not on Jeffrey Epstein. Why isn't the press and the Democrats just talking about Jeffrey Epstein and his horrible behavior?

ANTJUAN SEAWRIGHT (DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST): Well, I think you can do both, and I think we've seen both -- 

BARTIROMO: But we haven't heard -- that's what I'm saying, I haven't heard a word about Jeffrey Epstein. 

SEAWRIGHT: I think we've seen both the Democrats and Republicans -- the good news about the secretary is the fact that we see Democrats and Republicans acknowledging the fact that this is a problem, he needs to resign or he needs to quit or he needs to be released from his duties. And that's a very rare moment --

BARTIROMO: No I don't think you're seeing that at all. I don't think you're seeing that at all. That's a blanket statement saying Alex Acosta should resign but you're not seeing that at all. You're seeing a lot of focus on Alex Acosta and no focus on Jeffrey Epstein, that's my point, Antjuan. 

SEAWRIGHT: Again, and if you read The Hill publication this morning, you will see there have been Democrats and Republicans who both agree that he needs to resign or he needs to quit.

BARTIROMO: I'm talking about Jeffrey Epstein, Antjuan. 

SEAWRIGHT: I heard exactly what you said --

BARTIROMO: What do you want to see from Jeffrey Epstein?

SEAWRIGHT: Well, I think the criminal justice process system will play itself out. But the focus of this conversation is about the secretary, and again we've seen Democrats and Republicans say that he cannot effectively do his job and Maria you and I both know if this was a secretary under the watch of Barack Hussein Obama, Republicans and conservatives would be driving off the cliff about this issue.


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