Fox's Bartiromo lashes out after guest suggests that the rich should pay their fair share

Maria Bartiromo: “Who's not paying their fair share? ... This is such a talking point that bothers me”

From the April 17 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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JOHN THOMAS (GOP STRATEGIST): I want to go back to the point about, you know, you're talking about the elephant in the room and Trump's tax returns, here's why Bernie Sanders being a millionaire is such a problem for Bernie Sanders -- because it undermines his fundamental brand promise, and that is that he hates millionaires and billionaires. That millionaires and billionaires are evil capitalists and they don't belong in our society, but Bernie's a guy who has multiple homes and it turns out that he's just another rich, fat capitalist. So it undermines the purity of his brand. 

RICHARD FOWLER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I don't think that's what he's saying though. I think what he's saying is that everybody should pay their fair share.

MARIA BARTIROMO (ANCHOR): Who's not paying their fair share?

FOWLER: We've talked about this -- 

BARTIROMO: Let's talk -- just tell me who's not paying -- this is really -- this is such a talking point that bothers me, because --

FOWLER: No Maria, we've had this conversation before. 

BARTIROMO: The top 10% pay 71% of the taxes --

FOWLER: We've had this conversation before and we agreed -- 

BARTIROMO: Yeah I know, because it's a talking point. 

FOWLER: We almost agree on this point. I'm talking about folks who don't pay their fair share in capital -- 

BARTIROMO: Like who? 

FOWLER: Like, we're talking about folks who like the capital -- people who only make their income off capital gains. Who are not paying enough taxes as a secretary would, right? And so --

BARTIROMO: OK, all right. Like real estate investors. 

FOWLER: Real estate investors, hedge fund managers. Where a secretary is paying 35% of her money in taxes, where a hedge fund manager -- 

BARTIROMO: Wait a second, now you're putting apples together with oranges --

FOWLER: But no we're talking about money going into the general fund.

BARTIROMO: -- because a secretary is talking about income. And Warren Buffet is talking about capital gains. So don't mix the two of them.

FOWLER: But they're all incomes coming in, right? They're all money that could be spent. 

BARTIROMO: No. No, it's not. One is capital gains, one is income.

FOWLER: But isn't that money that can't --  

THOMAS: Capital gains is an essential part of this country and entrepreneurship.

FOWLER: I agree with you but you're saying that --

BARTIROMO: Don't mix it up. 

THOMAS: The idea that you own stock and you build a business -- I mean, you could argue maybe it should 18 months or two years, but if we don't have capital gains -- 

FOWLER: I'm not saying we shouldn't have capital gains, I'm just saying that we should level the playing field. 

BARTIROMO: It is level, that's another talking point, and you're confusing it.


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