Fox medical contributor Marc Siegel criticizes states with COVID surges for rolling back reopening

Dr. Siegel: “It appears very punitive, doesn’t it?”

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Citation From the July 13, 2020 edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight 

LOU DOBBS (HOST): And let me start with the, with California. And Dr. Siegel, we're seeing this where there's been openings, now we're starting to see closure again. More closings. What do you make of it? Are we looking at more waves of this? What in hell is going on? 

MARC SIEGEL: Well, Lou, it appears very punitive, doesn't it? And all of these things occurring at once. I want to point out that when Governor Abbott in Texas closed down the bars and limited restaurants to 50% occupancy, you know what's happened? The case rate has dropped in half in Texas, and the hospitalization rate for the first day today has started to go down. Governor Newsom is going crazy here. First of all, he's sanctioned all the protesters in the state where everyone was cheek to jowl, now I'm okay with the bars closing and even maybe the restaurants and movie theaters, but what are you talking about schools? Already schools going to online learning with zoom and young children can't socialize, and special needs can't be taken care of and kids miss their nutritional meal?

DOBBS: You're saying it's bad public health policy? 

SIEGEL: It's not consistent Lou.