Fox host admits that Trump “is owning this shutdown”

Dagen McDowell: “President Trump has essentially vowed to veto” a House bill to open government, “so, more and more, he is owning this shutdown”

From the January 23 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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DAGEN MCDOWELL (FOX BUSINESS HOST): Republicans are hearing from their constituents and hearing from people in the government, and they're more and more worried about the knock-on effects in their districts, in this economy where people aren't getting paid. You've heard from the FBI organization, the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. More and more they're concerned. 

If -- however, I should point out, if something happens with the Democrats plan just to fund the government through early February, President Trump has essentially vowed to veto that, so, more and more, he is owning this shutdown. And I'll add this: If he gets in front of the American people and is not in front of both houses of Congress next week and gives a speech, again, that's an exclamation point on him claiming ownership of this shutdown that more and more Americans are feeling. 


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