Fox To Help Promote Corsi's Birther Book

WorldNetDaily, which Alex Pareene appropriately dubbed the “biggest, dumbest wingnut site on the Web,” has been cashing in on birther nonsense for several years now. If you head to their online “Superstore” you'll find everything you need to advertise your detachment from reality, including “Where's the Birth Certificate?” bumper stickers for your car, signs for your yard, t-shirts, and more.

Their latest - and probably biggest - cash grab is noted liar Jerome Corsi's upcoming book, Where's The Birth Certificate? (Answer: in Hawaii.) Jerome Corsi is a discredited clown who has been embarrassing himself for years over the birther “issue,” including going on Fox & Friends before the '08 election and accusing the administration of posting a “fake” certificate online that, according to a “good analysis of it on the internet” had “been shown to have watermarks from Photoshop.” He also suggested to G. Gordon Liddy in 2008 that Obama was visiting Hawaii not just to be with his then-dying grandmother, but to also do... something... relating to his birth certificate.

Nevertheless, Corsi's book, published by WND, hit #1 on Amazon's bestseller list this week, thanks in no small part to prominent promotion from Drudge (and a variety of conservative sites like Fox Nation and Glenn Beck's The Blaze).

Continuing Fox News' full embrace of birtherism, WND CEO Joseph Farah will reportedly appear on David Asman's program on the Fox Business Network tonight to “talk birth certificate” and discuss Corsi's upcoming book. This should be a friendly place for Farah to promote Corsi's book, considering Asman's recent assertion that before he declares Obama was born in the U.S., he wants to “see all the evidence.”

During an interview on Bill Cunningham's radio show last month, Farah claimed to talk to Fox's lead birther Sean Hannity “every day.” Farah also suggested that he had been blacklisted by Fox over birtherism: “I was on Fox regularly before this... the minute we started on this campaign, the minute we started putting billboards up across this country, it stopped.”

Looks like the ban has been lifted.