Fox guest: “What you have in Ocasio-Cortez are Latin American values. Instead of us assimilating them, they are assimilating us.”

Peter Morici: Ocasio-Cortez is “a demagogue” who wants “to bring the kind of socialism that destroyed Venezuela, and frankly Mexico, here.”

From the February 5 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled new details of her so-called “Green New Deal” that she plans to introduce -- a few details already known. It'd lead to -- they're going for net zero greenhouse gas emissions, “through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers. It would generate millions of good, high-wage jobs,” she says. Joining us now, economist Peter Morici. Are you buying this, Peter? I'm not. Are you? 

PETER MORICI (UNIV. OF MARYLAND PROFESSOR): In order to achieve the transition she envisions we'd have to install, globally, 100 trillion kilowatts of generating capacity over the next 30 years. Now Germany pulling out all the corks over the last several years tried to do that with renewables and only accomplished a small fraction of it. It's absolutely impossible to do what she's describing according to physics. What this is, is you know there's ignorance, there's willful ignorance, and then there's willful and malicious ignorance -- that is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This is demagoguery, it's time she be called out. The left is just using global warming, climate change, the environment as a stalking horse for socialism. They can't take away all your money and accomplish this, but they will. That's what this is about. She's a demagogue. 

VARNEY: Her proposed legislation is co-written with Senator Edward Markey, Democrat in the Senate.

MORICI: Does that surprise you?

VARNEY: Wait a second. So here you have someone who has only been in Congress one month, 29 years old, teaming up with a senior Democrat in the Senate, and proposing the Green New Deal. I mean the Democrats really are taking this very, very seriously. And the Green New Deal is going to be part of many of the presidential campaign -- presidential candidates' campaigns. 

MORICI: Well, think about who we're talking about. This is the party, not to change the subject, that wants to tell us a 40th week abortion is not infanticide, but rather just choice. This is a party that no longer believes in core American values. And it also shows us what's going on with immigration. Basically what you have in Ocasio-Cortez are Latin American values. Instead of us assimilating them, they are assimilating us. And they want to bring the kind of socialism that destroyed Venezuela, and frankly Mexico, here. You know, it isn't that we're going to become Venezuela, but we could easily become Mexico, and you won't be able to go outside your door without getting shot. And if you say, “Hey Peter, boy aren't you really going over the top,” think about what the last eight or 10 years have been like in Chicago. 


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