Fox guest suggests that health care isn't a right because it's not specifically mentioned in the Bill of Rights 

Brad Blakeman: “The rights are enumerated in Constitution. I cannot find [health care] in the Constitution”  

From the February 1 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (CO-HOST): Senator Kamala Harris declaring for the presidency. She says health care is a right. What do you say about that? 

BRAD BLAKEMAN (FORMER DEP. ASST. TO GEORGE W. BUSH): You know, the rights are enumerated in Constitution. I cannot find that in the Constitution. If it's in a right, if it's a right that they advance in the Constitution, then it needs to be found there. And it it's not, then you amend the Constitution. There is no way, and all you have to do is look to the Democratic billionaires who have propped up the DNC for years, even they say it's absolutely unsustainable. It cannot happen. 

VARNEY: Well, let me turn this around. Could you say that the government, that the government has an obligation to maintain the health of its citizens? That's another way of saying citizens have a right to health care? Would you go with that, an obligation on the part of government. 

BLAKEMAN: And we do. It's called Medicaid. We provide health care for our seniors in Medicare. We provide it for the indigent in Medicaid. And then for those of us who can afford it, we go out in the marketplace, and we shop for it. Just like we do for everything else that we need. They're looking for a nanny-state, cradle-to-grave. That's socialism, that doesn't work.


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