Fox guest: “Medicare-for-all” would be “the end of America as we know it economically”

Rebecca Walser: If we have “Medicare-for-all, free education, universal basic income,” then the US “will go the way of every other empire that has imploded upon itself like the Roman empire”

From the February 7 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Am I right -- did the president frame the 2020 debate as capitalism versus socialism? 

REBECCA WALSER (WALSER ASSET MANAGEMENT): Stu, there is no doubt that that is exactly what he did, and he has to because, I just wrote an opinion piece about this for Fox Business, let's be clear about this. The Democratic party is going to socialism -- we have a couple of polls that came out last year that show that 70 percent of Americans are for Medicare-for-all. That millennials have a better opinion of socialism versus capitalism. So we have got a huge, fundamental shift on how we view economic liberty in our country and we have got to stand up -- and the president did this at the State of the Union, he stood up and said we are a people of liberty and freedom, not government coercion. And that is the absolute best thing he needed to do because we are fighting socialism, let's be clear. 

VARNEY: OK, Rebecca, now you're our money person in this debate, at this moment: Let's suppose that the socialists look good heading into 2020. They've got a leftist candidate at the head of the ticket and they're polling well. Does the market go down? 

WALSER: Stu, it can't do anything but go down. Medicare-for-all -- the left-wing Urban Institute did an economic result study for ten years of Medicare-for-all -- $32 trillion. $32 trillion for just a decade. Our entire debt, federally, for the -- since the beginning of the republic is $22 trillion right now. We cannot afford Medicare-for-all -- this is the end of America as we know it economically. So people have got to wake up to realize we are already, with the retirement of the boomers, going for -- heading for an economic shortfall -- Medicare-for-all, free education, universal basic income, which are all the tenants of a socialist platform -- it is not economically viable and we will go the way of every other empire that has imploded upon itself like the Roman empire.


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