Fox Business panelist touts that GM employees are “being laid off” in a “robust job market”

Lindsey Bell: “They’re being laid off into this robust job market. … This is a better environment to be laid off in.”  

From the November 27 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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LINDSEY BELL (CFRA INVESTMENT STRATEGIST): The [General Motors] layoffs that are happening, more than half of the layoffs that are occurring are skilled workers. And they're being laid off into this robust job market at a -- the unemployment rate 3.7, 50 percent, or -- a 50-year low. There's 7 million job openings out there, so there are opportunities. What a better -- this is a better environment to be laid off in, except down the road in two years maybe when country is in recession. I get the factory worker argument, though. And maybe it's time for them to reinvent themselves. You look back at steel workers several decades ago. You know, they had to go through the same thing.   


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