Fox Business panel spews lies about GOP plan that would have stripped coverage for pre-existing conditions

Fox's Dagen McDowell also claimed Democratic “Medicare for All” plan would result in “people in Washington” making “decisions about who gets to live, and how long”

From the October 18 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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DAGEN MCDOWELL (ANCHOR, FOX BUSINESS): The Democrats are running on pre-existing conditions, that their whole message is, the Republicans want to take away your coverage for preexisting conditions. Again, they're running on something that didn't happen.



MCDOWELL: And that's kind of strange to me. And, we should point out that premiums are falling in many Obamacare plans.


FREEMAN: Republicans do need to talk about this issue, they have a good story to tell in terms of what the administration is doing to make health care more affordable, association health plans --

BARTIROMO: They can't even mention the tax cut plan. 

FREEMAN: I know, fair point. But, I think part of it is that Democrats are talking about it, Republicans are not, and they need to engage and, really, explain to people how their health care is going to change if this Sanders model, which has been endorsed by so many Democrats, goes through.

MCDOWELL: Think about it like this: Nancy Pelosi's going to be making decisions about what kind of illnesses get what kind of coverage, how long do you get to live. It does come down to that, because it will be such a financial drain on the United States, that, ultimately, the people in Washington will make decisions about who gets to live, and how long.


MCDOWELL: And I'm not overstating that.

BARTIROMO: No, you're not.


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