Fox Business panel pushes for more GOP tax cuts in lame-duck session

Panelists gloss over details, insisting it is “not controversial at all”

Politico reported that the 297-page tax cut bill was introduced by House Republicans without “a detailed summary of the plan or an official estimate of how much it would cost.” From the November 28 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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KRISTIN TATE (THE HILL CONTRIBUTOR): This tax package would allow the GOP to deal with a variety of issues while they still have control of both chambers of Congress. And the proposals it includes are relatively noncontroversial, as you mentioned, like adding tax relief for people who have been victims of disasters, making improvements to the IRS, and fixing parts of last year's tax law. It would also include parts of the Republican tax reform 2.0 package that the House passed in September. But not parts that Democrats objected to most strongly, like making individual tax cuts permanent. Now this needs 60 votes in the Senate to pass which means some Democrats would have to agree to it and come on board. But I got to tell you Maria, I am highly skeptical that any Democrats are going to support this. The left has shown that they are in no mood to compromise and it's really unfortunate because, again, this is pretty noncontroversial stuff. But now the Democrats are saying that they feel like this bill was put together without their input. 

MARIA BARTIROMO (HOST): Yeah, well maybe they should have voted for it the first time around, not one Democrat voted for tax cut plan.

TATE: Exactly.

BARTIROMO: And as you say, Kristin, Dagen, this is not controversial, how long have they been talking about them wanting to make individual cuts permanent? 

DAGEN MCDOWELL (FOX BUSINESS ANCHOR): It's not controversial at all. But again, I don't -- the Democrats aren't going to do -- one, governor, they don't believe that you make better decisions with your money, number one. Number two, they are not going to do anything that is a win for the Republicans at this point.


BARTIROMO: Is there the 10 percent cut in taxes in this package that the president has been talking about? Because in addition to making the individual cuts permanent, the president has said that he wants to institute an additional tax cut. Is that in this Republican package, do you know, governor? 

MIKE HUCKABEE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I'm not sure that it's in there. But I think it should be. 

BARTIROMO: You don't think it is? Yeah.

HUCKABEE: It's one of the things the president's made clear his priorities, but unfortunately you've got some leadership in the House right now that has never made the president's priorities their priorities.


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