​Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo: “All these people” at the DOJ and the State Department “are against Donald Trump”

From the January 16 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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ANDREW NAPOLITANO (FOX NEWS SENIOR JUDICIAL ANALYST): This is a fascinating case and it shows you how litigation can make very very strange bedfellows. So Judicial Watch, we all know what that is. They are commendable, top-of-the-line courageous people whose job is to expose what the government does. They're a 501(c)(3) and a think tank. So they sue the State Department for Hillary Clinton's email information because the State Department -- the Donald Trump State Department did not comply with the Freedom of Information Act request. The lawsuit is against the State Department. The lawsuit is being resisted by the Donald Trump State Department and the Donald Trump Department of Justice, even though Donald Trump himself --  

MARIA BARTIROMO (HOST): I don't know if you can really call the Department of Justice the Donald Trump Department of Justice Judge, I've got to push back on that one. And the State Department -- all these people are against Donald Trump. 


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