Fox Business guest predicts that raising the federal minimum wage will hurt Democrats in 2020

Larry O'Connor: “They're all going to out-liberal each other with these policies...  It is going to be a death match to see who can be more socialist”

From the January 15 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co:

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LARRY O‘CONNOR (EDITOR, WASHINGTON TIMES): Well, what's wrong with it first of all, politically, is, that it really throws a wrench into the Democratic presidential process when you've got Bernie Sanders doing this, very similar to 2016 where he's going to force the mainstream candidates, then Hillary Clinton, this time maybe Joe Biden, maybe [former Virginia Gov.] Terry McAuliffe, and force them to lean to the left and lurch to left, and they're going to go so far to left they're going to fall and they can't get up. The problem here, Stuart, is you've got so many candidates who want to be the presidential nominee for the Democrats. The Iowa caucus is going to look like the NCAA basketball tournament, we should have the March Madness bracket going, and all of them are going to out-left each other, they're all going to out-liberal each other with these policies. President Trump is going to be able to run on a track record. Not a promise, a track record of bringing back good, well-paying manufacturing jobs to the middle of America, jobs that Democrats said were gone forever. Now, who’s going to vote for someone who says, “We're going to bring you really good minimum wage jobs,” versus a president who has already delivered on bringing good-paying, you know, manufacturing jobs. I think that president wins that debate. 


STUART VARNEY (CO-HOST): I only see one moderate. I think I could call Joe Biden a moderate, OK, the man is 76-years-old, but he is -- the old guard, I would say. Everybody else is out there on the left, there's only one -- Joe Biden. Only one moderate. that's it.

O‘CONNOR: You're right. Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of Virginia, might try to come in and embrace that too, and again, we're using term “moderate” loosely here. But yeah, compared to Kamala Harris compared to -- Bernie Sanders and some of the other very liberal names that are already throwing their hats into the ring. This is going to be a -- it is going to be a death match to see who can be more socialist.


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