Fox Business guest claims Maxine Waters will hurt markets by questioning bank CEOs as chair of the Financial Services Committee

Ron Meyer: “The fact that she can start these investigations and subpoena people on her own is rather troubling”

From the November 19 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:

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SUSAN LI (FOX BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT): I imagine that a lot more bank CEOs in the future will be hauled in front of Congress and probably embarrassed and asked multiple, multiple questions about some of their questionable business practices. So, what does that say for -- what is the message being signaled to bank executives?

RON MEYER (MEDIADC POLITICAL ANALYST): I mean, [Maxine Waters] called for Wells Fargo to be broken up.

LI: Right.

MEYER: And so, what does that tell you? I think a lot of us here have Wells Fargo accounts, doesn't that make you feel a little uncomfortable? It makes me feel a little uncomfortable. My mortgage is through Wells Fargo, I'm a little uncomfortable.

So, I think that many of us who have retirement accounts, who do have savings accounts for our kids, college accounts, aren't particularly excited about Chairman Waters regulating financial services. Even though she doesn't have any legislative authority on her own, the fact that she can change markets just by calling people in front of Congress and haranguing them, the fact that she can start these investigations and subpoena people on her own is rather troubling.


MEYER: I think you're looking for mature leadership, I think you're looking for calm leadership, and I think that's why Democrats won the House, and I'm not sure that's what they're going to get with Chairman Waters and Speaker Pelosi


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