Fox Business attacks Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for shopping at Whole Foods, not yet owning furniture, and using airplanes

Host Stuart Varney claims his producer was “appalled” by Ocasio-Cortez's currently unfurnished apartment  

From the April 4 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Listen to this one, AOC, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she showed off her unfurnished Washington, D.C. apartment. She sips on wine, assembled furniture, while broadcasting on Instagram live video. 


ASHLEY WEBSTER (FOX BUSINESS REPORTER): The point she makes in this, and I think she's quite clever at using social media. She's chatted for an hour, very accessible, and basically said, “By [the time] I go to work all the stores are closed, when I come home from work everything is closed, I've had no time to do anything.” Which sends a message of I'm in Washington and I'm actually working, which isn't bad. It should be pointed out though that there are no low income housing opportunities in her new building down in Washington, D.C. But there is a Whole Foods, which is owned by? Amazon. 

VARNEY: Amazon. 

WEBSTER: So she's living a very -- the kind of life she talks out about so much. 

VARNEY: Lizzy I know you've got a point to make but I've got to tell you.


VARNEY: Our producer, Cristine Ambrose, is appalled at that video. What is a congresswoman doing in an unfurnished apartment, you know, what's she doing? Appalled. 

MACDONALD: Yeah, she's not congresswoman representing her 3 million followers, it's of her own district. I hear what our producer's saying. She was seen shopping at the Whole Foods by the way recently, and the other thing too is I love how she was complaining about $7 croissants, comparing them to the minimum wage in an airport. What's she doing flying a plane, if she's about the Green New Deal? What was she in the airport for?

VARNEY: Low blow. 

MACDONALD: Oh, it was funny. 


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