On Fox Business, Alan Dershowitz calls woman who reported him for sexual assault “sleazy”

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Citation From the November 11, 2019, edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.

STUART VARNEY (HOST): May I ask you about the lawsuits? Two of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers are suing you for defamation. In one of them you're referred to as a longtime friend and lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein. Would you respond to this? 

ALAN DERSHOWITZ (ATTORNEY): Oh of course. I knew Jeffrey Epstein the same way that the president of Harvard and the provost of Harvard knew him. He was an academic colleague. He had conferences at Harvard. We were never close personal friends of any kind. And then David Boies and a group of other lawyers had a woman falsely accuse me. This is a woman who had told many people she never had sex with me, never met me. She wrote an email and a manuscript [declaring] that she never met me. She said she once saw me discussing business with Epstein. Suddenly she meets her lawyers, and she remembers having sex with me seven times in places I was never at, so I'm I suing back, and I'm counter-suing, and I've written this book in which I prove my point, Guilt by Accusation. And let me tell you: If I can be accused by sleazy, sleazy women and lawyers, anybody can be accused. So this involves everybody.

VARNEY: We can't -- I don't want to be using words like that on this program to describe someone who's here not to -- who can't defend themselves.

DERSHOWITZ: Well I'm sorry. Put her -- put them on the show with me. Let's have it out. Let's debate it.