535 members of Congress, and Fox Business hosts the only one who's actually a gun manufacturer

Fox could have literally talked to anyone, but the network chose a guy who sells AK47-style rifles

From the October 3 edition of Fox Business' Making Money with Charles Payne:

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CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): House Speaker Paul Ryan announcing that as of now, Republican leaders ave no plans to advance a bill that would have made it easier to buy gun mufflers, a hotbed issue particularly amid the Las Vegas massacre. Here in a Fox Business exclusive, to help us break it all down, and what it means, is Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell [(R-OK)], the sole firearm manufacturer in Congress. Congressman, thanks for joining us.

REP. STEVE RUSSELL: Thank you so much.

PAYNE: Second time that this act, H.R. 3668, has been pushed off. We know eventually, though, that there will be a vote on it. Essentially it's for hearing protection, the so-called “silencers,” what they call lawful purpose of self-defense, some would call armor-piercing bullets, and the ability to transport concealed weapons. Where do you stand on that, and do you think public opinion will change dramatically in light of what happened in Las Vegas?

RUSSELL: Well, I think a lot of it is separating fact from fiction. You know, “suppressors” is the correct term rather than “silencers,” unlike Hollywood movies. They were invented by Hiram Maxim, because he was losing his hearing as he was making inventions, and what it does is it reduces the velocity of the round, and it also reduces the decibels of the rounds to safer levels.


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