“Pederastic Cotton Candy”: WND's Five Craziest Responses To The Boy Scouts Vote

WND has published a series of unhinged and flagrantly homophobic columns in response to the vote to allow openly gay youth into the Boy Scouts of America.

In the week following the Boy Scouts' May 23 decision to accept openly gay youth into the organization, WND has published responses from some of America's most notorious anti-LGBT activists, each peddling the myth that the BSA's decision will increase rates of pedophilia and other forms of sexual abuse.

BSA Decision Was “Rooted In Pure Evil”

In a May 24 column, Liberty Counsel spokesman Matt Barber claimed that the BSA's decision was “rooted in pure evil” and joked that camping trips would have to include a disco ball to accommodate gay scouts:

Ultimately, this decision had nothing to do with “tolerance” or “inclusivity.” Neither did it concern the best interests of the boys who make up Boy Scouting. Instead, this decision was rooted in pure evil. It had everything to do with money. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (1 Timothy 6:10).

And wandered from the faith they have.

Now come the many griefs.


What a camping trip! Imagine the pup tent. Your son and Jimmy - who's got a crush on him - along with Billy and Billy's boyfriend Bobby, all snuggly warm in the middle of nowhere. But make room for Sammy (formerly Suzie) and Sammy's boyfriend Gary (formerly Gertrude).

Don't forget to hang the disco ball.

Boys Will Be “Coerced Into Homosexual Behavior” Because Of Their Hormones

In a May 27 column, conservative commentator Mychal Massie warned that boys would be “brainwashed” into accepting homosexuality and claimed that boys would be “coerced into homosexual behavior” because of their hormones:

Why should we be spending money fighting lawsuits and/or endangering our children by knowingly giving predators and the deluded access to our boys? Sensitivity is about not picking on someone who is different. Sensitivity is not synonymous with having our children brainwashed into accepting that which is aberrant as normal.


Let me also point out there is a reason boys and girls are separated in organizations such as this. Amongst other reasons, it has to do with hormones. Are we now supposed to believe that some of our boys will not be coerced into homosexual behavior?

“Expect Cover-Up Upon Cover-Up...Resembling The Catholic Church Scandal”

In a May 26 column titled "Texas Boy Scout Massacre," Linda Harvey, founder of the anti-gay hate group Mission America, claimed that the BSA would actively cover up instances of sexual abuse by scouts in order to defend their gay-inclusive membership policy:

They have power now, they will use it and it won't be done responsibly. It won't be child-friendly and it will cost the families of America.

As time rolls on, there will be incidents of abuse. Will the Boy Scout organization report these? Let's not kid ourselves. They just showed how compromised/intimidated/clueless they are. Expect cover-up upon cover-up in the future, eventually resembling the Catholic Church scandal.

And sadly, many parents have no clue, thinking, what's the harm? Where's the threat? An openly homosexual 12 year old in my son's troop - what's the big deal? They don't know the possible risks, because compromised churches have bought the lie and are too sheltered to know what they are dealing with.

Scouts Engaged In “Coprophilia, Pedophilia, Bestiality” Will Also Be Accepted 

Notoriously homophobic WND columnist Les Kinsolving recycled his go-to anti-gay talking point, that accepting gay youth had paved the way for the Boy Scouts to accept other “sexual orientations,” including bestiality:

This 60 percent actually approved a measure that said no youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts “on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

Can you believe this?

Believe it - and realize that this statement inevitably proclaims that the Boy Scouts will not reject any boy who has engaged in coprophilia, pedophilia, bestiality or any of the many other alternative sexual orientations.

“Boy Scouts As Pederastic Cotton Candy”

In a May 28 column titled "Boy Scouts As Pederastic Cotton Candy," anti-LGBT pseudoscientist Judith Reisman wrote:

854 adults stamped a “bull's eye” on the Boy Scouts as pederast targets.

Now, bigger and/or more manipulative lads, with cell phones and other pornography resources stirring their sinews, will greedily entrap any and all boys who seem easy prey.


Eroticize the campsite and you eroticize boys to one another and to their leaders. “Gay Scoutmasters” will arrive soon to “help” “their” lads, to train and encourage them - to believe they are naturally “that way.”