Fox's Eric Bolling Ignores Hyde Amendment, Demands A “Chinese Wall” Between Abortion And “Women's Services”

Fox's Eric Bolling reacted to an argument from The Five co-host Dana Perino that “defunding Planned Parenthood” is problematic by suggesting that the way to solve the problem is to “separate” abortion services from “woman's services.” But under the federal 1977 “Hyde Amendment,” such a suggestion has been the law for almost 40 years.

Since 1977, the Hyde Amendment has stipulated that federal funds cannot be used to cover the cost of abortion, with the exception of abortions in the case of rape, incest and to protect a woman's life. Federal Medicaid funds are reimbursements for medical services provided to Medicaid patients, such as STD screenings, birth control, and cancer screenings. Although states may use state funds for Medicaid to cover the cost of abortions, 32 states and the District of Columbia follow the federal standards. Title X, another major source of federal funding for family planning services at Planned Parenthood, is similarly prohibited from covering abortions.

During the December 22 edition of Fox News' The Five, however, co-host Bolling claimed the Republicans “haven't figured out” how to “defund the abortion part of Planned Parenthood,” and suggested setting up a “Chinese wall.”

DANA PERINO: A couple of things though, Planned Parenthood, they bring up the defunding Planned Parenthood. Here's the box that Republicans are in. So when you're in a competitive primary, and you have to run to try to win that, you have to deal with what your party wants, okay? That party might want repeal. But Planned Parenthood defunding, that actually polls so negatively for the GOP. It has about, funding Planned Parenthood has about a 65 to 70% approval rate so that makes it very difficult then when you switch to go to a general election. Where I think Hillary Clinton is more vulnerable than they will admit is on Obamacare. If you look at Kentucky, for example, where we had a special election in 2014, the Republican candidate was not expected to win, he was down by about a touchdown, he won by about a touchdown. And this has the Democrats worried, because that and all the exit polls was mostly about Obamacare.


GREG GUTFELD: Eric, Why can't they discuss the topic of national security?

ERIC BOLLING: It's a lose for them. She just highlighted all the things that they think they're winning. Dana points out Planned Parenthood. There is a way to defund the abortion part of Planned Parenthood. But the Republicans haven't figured out how to do that. Just separate the two. There's women's services and there's abortion. You want to fund women's services, knock yourself out. Just don't meld them. It's so easy, it's a Chinese wall.


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