Fox News hosts mock concern about Biden bus threatened by Trump convoy in Texas

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Citation From the November 1, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Five

JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): I will say, to me, Jesse, the real issue is not the rhetoric. I don't think they have quite stooped to his level in terms of what they say. But I think the real issue for me is the actions that are being taken that I think are somewhat threatening. Like, you know, stopping traffic today on the New Jersey Garden State Parkway.

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): Now you care, Juan.

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): Now you care.


WILLIAMS: Or Yesterday, yesterday when --

GUTFELD: My neighborhood got trashed! But it took you longer to get in to work today.

WILLIAMS: I think --

WATTERS: No, that was a peaceful traffic jam.

WILLIAMS: -- Boy --

DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): I was in a peaceful traffic jam. It took me an extra hour.

WILLIAMS: There we go.

GUTFELD: The American flags must have terrified you, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Or yesterday when they went after a Biden campaign bus on the way from San Antonio to Austin.


GUTFELD: That was an escort.

WATTERS: There was traffic!

WILLIAMS: What does Trump do? Trump says -- He tweets the video and then he says I love Texas.