Fox News host Greg Gutfeld says Joe Biden has “put a target on whites”

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Citation From the June 2, 2023, edition of Fox News, The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): He is failing America. In a radical departure from basically all of our American values, and that's either -- he's not interested in crime, he's not interested in education, he's not interested in protecting kids from activists. And probably the biggest assault that he's done on America is on the melting pot. I mean, that's a prime American value and he's turned the dial up on the melting pot by embracing oppression politics, right? He's now put a target on whites, saying that there's this huge villain, right? Extreme white MAGA extremist white supremacist, but they really can't find them. But who knew that the face of, like, an anti-American revolution would be Joe Biden's face?