Fox News host: “Fox is the only network that's gonna tell you the truth”

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Citation From the January 24, 2020 edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSE WATTERS:  Americans watch so much television. When you promise to deliver the goods, a smoking gun, and you don't deliver, they're just going to turn the channel, and that's what's happened. To lead with an abuse of power article is so vague. Everyone can interpret that whichever way they want. It's flimsy. And then obstruction, by asking a judge to get involved? Every American knows when you have two parties that are in dispute, you go to a judge and he settles it. That's not an impeachable offense. 

If you see this from a big picture perspective and you're watching Fox, because Fox is the only network that's gonna tell you the truth about this, there are no principles on the Democrat side. Because Jerry Nadler himself voted against the lethal aid to Ukraine. Joe Biden himself is on tape bragging about a quid pro quo. Hillary Clinton herself paid for an agent to dig up dirt on a political opponent in an election year.