Fox host: “That's the next step. Putting the unvaccinated into someplace else, camps.”

Will Cain: “We’re veering dangerously close to exterminationist language”

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Citation From the September 1, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Five 

GERALDO RIVERA (CO-HOST): There's the premise that unvaccinated people should not travel because of the risk -- the exponential risk -- they pose to people, children, for example. And the other thing is, the cruelty of the, you know, the cavalier "Well, don't go to the hospital bed if you are that arrogant and not going to get vaccinated." But in terms of the first, the -- you know, CDC is advising people, unvaccinated, don't travel. 

WILL CAIN: So, let me work that backwards. Regarding the second point you made, whether or not it's cruel, Dagen's exactly right. We're veering dangerously close to exterminationist language. Otherizing --

RIVERA: Exterminationist?

CAIN: Absolutely. That's the next step. Putting the unvaccinated into someplace else, camps. Whatever it may be.