Fox host dismisses the importance of abortion rights to voters

Greg Gutfeld: “Are you campaigning for Planned Parenthood?”

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Citation From the November 9, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five 

JESSICA TARLOV (CO-HOST): Abortion is so much a part of health care, of family planning. There's so many people who are forced to have an abortion from wanted pregnancies. And those are the conversations that are going on all over this country.

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): Are you campaigning for Planned Parenthood, or what? 


People who are pro-life actually do take the issues more seriously than you think, right? You want to talk about the quiet majority? Talk about the unborn. They don't have a word in this at all. 


TARLOV: But when you have women in Louisiana who are waiting to go into sepsis, you have that 10-year-old in Ohio who was getting shipped to Indiana to get healthcare, you're not -- Greg, we just had an election that said that you are wrong about this. 


GUTFELD: I believe it had a role. But there are other things at play. But when you simply -- when you bring up two exceptions, two exceptions very rare, very rare, very rare. The 10-year-old.