Fox host calls Trump whistleblower a “snake” and the complaint a “coup”

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Citation From the September 20 edition of Fox News' The Five: 

JESSE WATTERS: So the coup is going through appropriate channels now, Juan? Is that what we're talking about? I think this is going to be another bombshell that's going to wind up in the garbage heap. But let me just break it all down for you, I'll explain how the whole thing starts, ok? 


He has complete latitude as a commander-in-chief to ask a foreign country to investigate some corruption. We do it with the Chinese. We do it to with the Mexicans. All the time. And for some snake, who I don't even trust, to blow the whistle is just insurance policy 2.0. This president has to deal with this stuff constantly. It's going to fall apart again. And everything he is being accused of is the exact same thing Hillary and Biden were guilty of. 


JUAN WILLIAMS:  I'm sure the president's pleased with your presentation, you can stop now.