Fight Misinformation On Local News

Fight Misinformation On Local News

Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes' 21st Century Fox owns and operates 28 stations in major media markets around the country. These stations might seem independent, but Fox uses them to push misinformation to viewers like you.

Watch this short video to see how Fox News impacts local stations:

By operating local stations, Fox News executives can transmit key right-wing talking points to large numbers of people who don't watch cable news. And with Fox-owned stations now reaching 37% of U.S. television audiences, that's a huge opportunity for the conservative media.

Unfortunately for Murdoch and Ailes, we know their tactics, and we're not going to let them slowly turn their stations into miniature versions of Fox News.

Want to help us fight back?

If you live near one of the following cities, volunteer to help us keep an eye on your local station. If you notice them airing misinformation from corporate, send us a tip and we'll call them out together:

Arizona - Phoenix - Fox 10 News

California - Los Angeles - Fox 11 News

California - San Francisco - KTVU Channel 2

Florida - Gainesville - Fox 51 News

Florida - Orlando - Fox 35 News

Florida - Tampa Bay - Fox 13 News

Georgia - Atlanta - Fox 5 News

Illinois - Chicago - Fox 32 News

Michigan - Detroit - Fox 2 News

Minnesota - Minneapolis - Fox 9 News

New York - New York City - Fox 5 News

North Carolina - Charlotte - Fox 46 News

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia - Fox 29 News

Texas - Austin - Fox 7 News

Texas - Dallas - Fox 4 News

Texas - Houston - Fox 26 News

Washington, DC - Fox 5 News

Have a Fox station in your area that isn't on this list? Local news stations fall into two categories: “owned and operated” stations, where content is controlled by a network or larger parent company, and “affiliate” stations that are not owned by a central network. While Fox affiliates can also spread misinformation, we're starting with a focus on stations explicitly controlled by Murdoch and Ailes.

Don't have any stations owned and operated by Fox near you? You can still help by spreading the word:

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